Support the discovery of tomorrow’s therapies

Whether you are a company or a private individual, contribute to the discovery of novel therapeutic solutions and help us to bring innovative drug production emerging from academic research back to Europe.


Identify the type of partnership that suits you

Invest in the excellence of Strasbourg-based research, but also in your own future! As a company donating to the institute, you will contribute to the development of high-quality research within a modern university to train tomorrow’s responsible and creative managers.

Private individuals

What we would like to promote: Advances in research for a whole world in better health!

Making a donation to the institute is a way to provide direct help to applied research and thus accelerate drug discovery in France in the fields of cancer, nervous system diseases, inflammation, pain, and infectious and auto-immune diseases.

Our donor partnership: the Foundation for Chemistry Research

Recognised as a charitable organisation, the Foundation for Chemistry Research can provide a tax receipt to make your donation to IMS tax deductible.

The Foundation is a privately-regulated structure linked to the University of Strasbourg and is a historic partner of Medalis and the Institute. Its mission is to support initiatives linked to the research undertaken in Strasbourg in the fields of chemistry and related areas.