CIFRE System

The added value of IMS

To help students make the perfect project for a CIFRE, IMS proposes a one-year support program as part of the DU “Research and Therapeutic Innovation program”.

The objective is to provide maximum guidance in the organization of their future doctorate !

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What is CIFRE System ?

CIFRE (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche) is a system introduced by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to encourage exchanges between public laboratories and the socio-economic milieu.

Its main objective is to encourage the employment of doctors in companies, while at the same time contributing to the innovation process in France.

CIFRE helps companies to recruit a young doctoral student whose research work leads to a thesis.

How the CIFRE system works

The aim of the CIFRE program is to reinforce R&D cooperation and encourage the employment of doctoral students. Three actors are involved in this scheme.

The company

The company gives a doctoral student a research and development project, based on a need, which is to be the subject of his or her thesis.

The doctoral student

The graduate has a Master’s degree, is registered in a doctoral school attached to the laboratory and has a research mission.

The research laboratory

Outside the company, it supervises the doctoral student, who shares his time between the laboratory and the company.

What are the CIFRE benefits?

The CIFRE system is becoming very popular because it offers advantages for everyone concerned !