Start-ups : the success stories

Since 2011, 7 start-ups have been launched by Medalis research laboratories and mentored towards success :

Created: 2008

Positioning itself as a leader in GPCR-based immuno-oncology, Domain takes a unique approach, using precise biomarkers to address the individual needs of patients based on the unique characteristics of their cancer. With two decades of solid expertise in GPCR-targeted drug discovery, backed by multiple pharmaceutical partnerships and a state-of-the-art platform for target identification and discovery, Domain is improving understanding of cancer and bringing breakthrough immunotherapies to patients.

Domain’s proprietary programs include DT-7012, an antibody inhibiting CCR8 to suppress Tregs; DT-9045, the first-in-class negative allosteric modulator of PAR2; DT-9081, an EP4 receptor antagonist; and M1069, an A2aR/A2b receptor antagonist, identified in collaboration with Merck KGaA. The company also boasts a rich pipeline of first-class GPCR targets, selected through a proprietary, state-of-the-art drug discovery and development platform.

Created: 2011
Inoviem Scientific is a private contract research organisation (CRO) in biotechnology. Current technologies do not account for the natural environment in which a drug is used. During the study of the mode of action of therapeutic molecules, the target is generally removed from its natural environment, which leads to a loss of significant information and biases the process of drug development. Quite often, this situation leads to unexpected side-effects or a loss of therapeutic activity of the drug. By using the raw tissue as analytical substrate during development of all its technologies, Inoviem Scientific manages to reconcile technology and physiology.
Created : 2012
HiFiBiO is a pioneering company proposing a complete innovative technology generating unparalleled possibilities for the discovery of new therapeutic antibodies directed against complex targets. Single-cell-scale analysis is associated with a very high-throughput screening system. Objectives: to treat cancer, auto-immune and infectious diseases.
Created : 2013
Syndivia exploits innovative bioconjugation technologies to treat certain cancers with targeted therapies. This technology is unique as it targets both the tumour and its environment. The start-up was awarded a prize in the European Tech Tour EVC competition in 2017 devoted to cleantech, healthtech and digital technologies.
Created : 2015
PeptiMimesis develops a pipeline targeting key elements in the fields of oncology and immuno-oncology and is open to new collaborations with pharmaceutical partners working on receptors of interest.
Created : 2016
ADAPTHERAPY develops PREDMED, the first algorithm predicting the efficacy of all the available (commercialised and under development) targeted therapies and immunotherapies, allowing oncologists to select the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient diagnosed with a solid tumour. PREDMED can be installed in any hospital and be integrated with any existing E-Health solutions.
Created : 2018
BIODOL Therapeutics is a spin-off from the Laboratoire d’Innovation Thérapeutique (Dr Didier Rognan, UMR 7200) resulting from a collaboration with the Institute for Neurosciences, Montpellier. This company won BpiFrance’s lab competition and was considered by the magazine Challenges to be one of the top 100 French start-ups in which to invest in 2018. BIODOL develops the first specific treatment for neuropathic pain using its patented technology based on extracellular inhibitors of the tyrosine kinase receptor FLT3. Interaction between FLT3 and the mu opioid receptor opens the way for application of its FLT3 inhibitors to all types of chronic pain, when administered in combination with opioids. The first clinical studies are scheduled for 2021-2022.
Created : 2019
MicroOmiX aims to change the dimension of discovery and development of biotherapies. By reducing the R&D phases from several months to a few days and expanding the extent of the analysis from thousands to millions of cells, the start-up wishes to transform its technology into a laboratory-based reference system in the field of biotherapies. The first version of their tool will address the needs of more than 10,000 teams working in the field of therapeutic antibodies.
Created : 2020

Dedicated to developing next-generation therapies to treat autoimmune inflammatory diseases, our company was launched in 2020 with investments from CTI Life Sciences, adMare BioInnovations, Domain Therapeutics, and an exclusive worldwide license from the University of Strasbourg to technology and related know-how originally developed by Dr. Dominique Bagnard.

Created : 2021

The chemical conjugation technology offered by Celtarys enables the competitive and rapid development of customized fluorescent ligands with optimal pharmacological and photophysical properties for any drug target.

Celtarys also offers the synthesis of specific fluorescent ligands for any target with therapeutic potential.


Created : 2022

Faced with the critical unmet need for SC formulations of these innovative and essential biomedicines, RecoGel will free patients and hospitals from the status quo of IV administration by offering the alternative of the less invasive and more convenient SC route.

Created : 2023

As a first application, Serendip aims to address the challenges of therapeutic vaccines in oncology by turning the platform into a high-performance immunization system to potentiate the immunogenicity of tumor antigens and trigger specific, long-lasting anti-tumor T immune responses. In the cancer vaccine market, Serendip’s particle stands out for its ability to target the most effective antigen-presenting cells, and for its high thermostabilit