The management school for drugs innovation

Skill-sets targeted :

Work in project mode with multidisciplinary teams
Understand current challenges and hurdles to be overcome in the field of therapeutic innovation
Design an interdisciplinary research project to meet a medical need
Mobilise methodological approaches from workshops in an approach to innovation and technology transfer
Modelled on a University Graduate School, the Euridis training programme is based on the IMS’s keywords: interdisciplinarity, innovation, and technology transfer . The training program is open to students from many Master’s trajectories or Engineering schools, in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, physics, and law disciplines , as well as to professionals who wish to develop their skills. Courses are delivered by lecturer-researchers and researchers from the University of Strasbourg, CNRS and INSERM, by industrial and intellectual property experts, by local experts in result exploitation and technology transfer (SATT Conectus, ETENA, BPI France), and by representatives from pharmaceutical companies.
Training program: Research and Therapeutic Innovation

Introduction Classes (18h)

Biological / Chemical / Legal toolboxes

Drug Discovery & Development (24h)

Initiation to drug discovery and development from a hit compound to a preclinical candidate

Innovation & transfer (12h)

Market, Transfer, Intellectual property, Entrepreneurship

Case studies (16h)

Two thematic workshops : from an unmet medical need to drug discovery

Application : DDD CHALLENGE (4 months)

Funding of laboratory internship for selected students
Possibility for students to take responsibility for a research project very early in their cursus

PhD program (2 PhD grants + starting package)

Supporting future pharmaceutical research talents

Euridis has developed an ambitious challenge for its students: the DDD challenge.

Consisting of interdisciplinary pairs of students, the winners will be awarded PhD funding along with an operating budget to support the launch of a project with a high potential for transfer.