The DDD challenge

One of the main elements of the training offered at IMS is the DDD (Drug Discovery and Development) challenge which reflects a teaching-research-transfer continuum and provides students with the opportunity to engage in a research project very early in their training trajectory, and to co-develop a solution to meet a medical need.
What is the DDD challenge?
Working in interdisciplinary pairs , and mentored for four months by private and academic partners , the students identify a medical need and develop a research project meeting the IMS requirements in terms of novelty, innovation, and potential for transfer. Following this team work, the pairs of students present their work to an international review board consisting of academic and industrial researchers, and the winners are awarded PhD funding along with an operating budget to support the launch of their proposed project . The DDD challenge thus intends to promote therapeutic innovation by drawing out and highlighting the talents of future young researchers as early as possible during their academic career.

Students at the heart of the project

  • What were your main DDD Challenge missions ?

Our main mission was to develop an innovative cancer treatment. We initiated a project to merge our skills in the fields of biology and chemistry. During this challenge, we collaborated with various experts to develop a proposal integrating technical aspects but also beyond the scientific field, such as intellectual property, market, valorization and technology transfer. – Charline KELLER & Pedro LOPEZ-NAVARRO


Winners of the 2023 DDD challenge

"Taking part in the DDD challenge was an enriching opportunity to gain comprehensive experience in developing a project, from conception to completion. We put all our energy into making this project a success, involving considerable effort and thorough preparation.

The results were gratifying, and today we're enthusiastic and determined to bring our project to life thanks to the funding we won at the DDD challenge."
Skill-sets developed
picto IMS diagnostic
Identify a medical need and perform market analysis
picto projet
Develop and structure an interdisciplinary research project
picto moyens
Identify the (material, human, financial) resources required to implement a research project
Assess the potential for technology transfer