The Medalis research centre

Medalis : an outstanding academic drugs research centre

The Medalis drugs research centre was created at the end of July 2011 in the context of the French “Investments for the Future” programme. In a context where pharmaceutical companies externalise their pre-clinical research activities to concentrate on the clinical study phases, Medalis relies on a high level of basic research to create a “pipeline” of therapeutic molecules , from the pre-clinical stage to phase II clinical trials. Medalis is the only academic drugs research centre in France to have achieved the unparalleled record of launching a new start-up every year since 2011.

Medalis in numers


Start-ups created
(+2 in the process)


Million € in cumulative funds raised


Research professionals employed in 12 laboratories

Therapeutic areas

picto IMS cancer
picto IMS maladies inflammatoires-04
Inflammatory diseases
picto IMS douleur


picto IMS maladies neurologiques
Nervous system diseases
picto IMS maladies intestinales
Digestive system diseases
picto IMS maladies rares
Rare diseases
picto IMS maladies infectieuses
Infectious diseases
picto IMS diagnostic


Les technologies de pointe

Cytométrie en flux

Description de la technologie/compétence

Modèle murin d’inflammation : la souris MRL/lpr

Description de la technologie/compétence


Description de la technologie/compétence

Objective: technology transfer

This interdisciplinary centre develops research projects relating to new drugs and breakthrough therapeutic innovations, by integrating technology transfer at a very early stage . The industrial clinical needs and requirements are taken into account from the stage of project conceptualisation, reducing the time required for the drugs to reach the market.
“Medalis is central to the bubbling up of new ideas, to the genesis of future therapies. The needs of the industrial partners are a key consideration in how projects are managed, which is rare in academic circles. Optimisation of the drug candidates until the pre-clinical stage allows entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on the clinical development phases through the work of the start-up.”
Pascal Neuville
CEO of Domain Therapeutics. The Alsace-based biotech is associated with two start-ups launched by Medalis.

Supporting the IMS and its centre for research, Medalis

Medalis wishes to ensure long-term employment of a group of research engineers and technicians, to create a team that is invested in an essential “memory” mission leading to model project management, ensuring rapid execution and reduced time-lines. Consolidation of the research infrastructure also relies on support for investment in state-of-the-art equipment.