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The management school for pharmaceutical innovation

The maturation centre for start-ups

Strasbourg, a cluster of excellence in chemistry and biology, a university that champions innovation
The IMS is the extension of the Medalis Laboratory of Excellence (2011-2020), the only academic centre for research into drugs in France that has achieved the unparalleled exploit of launching a new start-up every year since 2011:
start-ups created (+1 in the process)
Million € in cumulative funds raised for start-ups

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HifiBio Therapeutics
Launched in 2014 by Medalis, HiFiBiO Therapeutics develops new therapeutic antibodies to combat cancer, auto-immune and infectious diseases.
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Inoviem scientific
Inoviem Scientific was the first company mentored by Medalis in 2011, it performs innovative pre-clinical analyses to accelerate the development of new drugs and facilitate the emergence of personalised medicine.
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Syndivia develops new anti-cancer treatments by exploiting the unique properties of cancerous cells and their microenvironment.
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PeptiMimesis is a strategic partner in the design, discovery and early development of therapeutic transmembrane peptides.
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ADAPTHERAPY® develops solutions aiming to help clinicians to select the most appropriate therapy for each patient with cancer or other complex diseases.
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Biodol develops a therapeutic solution to treat neuropathic pain, a chronic disease that affects 7 to 10% of the population in France.
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MicroOmiX develops a “single cell” analysis technology based on droplet microfluidics and an ultrasensitive proprietary system to detect secreted molecules.
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In a tri-national environment , Strasbourg is located at the fulcrum of the European pharmaceutical industry in the upper Rhine valley. Its strategic geographical position is combined with the university’s prestige, its cluster of excellence in chemistry and biology is renowned for the high rate of transfer of its innovative research.


European university in terms of its impact on innovation

(in the last Nature Innovation Index 2017)


National and international prizes and distinctions awarded to IMS researchers


Technology transfer department created in French universities


French university in chemistry and in human biology

(Shanghai ranking 2020)

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